Plan B

pictograms used by the United States National ...

pictograms used by the United States National Park Service. Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This next day trip is based on seeing a sign.   I was checking out the southwest corner of the park (on a map, of course.)  I was thinking of water high as in waterfalls, definitely no paddle up that creek.  I’d followed a creek past Sheep Falls, another no place for the meek, past a Ranger Station home of Brown, when it jumped out at me, the sign:  Ω.  It was upside down and tilted.  I was sure that if I hiked that trail I’d be rewarded.  Somehow.  If nothing else, I’d gaze at 2 or 3 waterfalls.

Then my eyes wandered down below the park and found an island in a cold lake in a wilderness area.  I tarried scant  though once I learned that it was prime grizzly bear habitat.  Which is better, I ask you real life westerners:  wearing bear bells or  carrying pepper spray?

One thought on “Plan B

  1. bear bells are good to wear to give a “heads up” but they are referred to as “dinner bells”. Always carry bear spray, it has saved lives and there are good videos on you tube on how to use.

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