Still Curious?

So, this is new. Dal has started a new blog and will share previously unpublished emails from Forrest Fenn regarding The Thrill of the Chase treasure hunt.

[Still no revelations on the solution or location of the found chest.]


Here’s his new blog.

Here’s the first entry.

So close on my first trip west…

Not the kind of resolution we hoped for, but a treat never the less. Thanks.

One thought on “Still Curious?

  1. I’m going to start following your blog. I was first reading, of course, because I wanted to delve into the Fenn mystery and stumbled onto you in my search. I need to go “sign up” perhaps (I shall soon find out—just want to reply while I can since sometimes when I stumble upon something I can’t ever find it again. It happens.) Anyway, it seems Del’s new blog has since been erased. Im not surprised, but am disappointed. Glad to have found your writing, though, as I’ve enjoyed your perspective and especially your pictures and easy manner. My email is I leave this in case I can’t find my way back here or if there is some area I might sign into to read your blog further. Far as I know, I could hit “done” on this comment and, poof, you disappear or worse, you decide to stop writing on this particular blog. I hope you haven’t as it’s lovely to find someone to read. All my best to you and thank you.


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