Fill in the Blank

So, the poem Forrest Fenn wrote contains 9 clues.  Just what they are has been debated.  There are 6 stanzas, 9 sentences, 24 lines, and one question in The Thrill of the Chase.  How to tackle it?  Hmmm.

TTOTC book jacket

Followers of Fenn have taken to using shorthand:  WWWH =  where warm waters halt;  HOB =  home of Brown

Where to begin?

Begin it where (WWWH.)

If you can figure that out, take it in the (canyon) down.

How far? (Not far, but too far to walk.)

(Put in)  below the (HOB.)

Then, it’s (no place for the meek,) the end is (ever drawing nigh), and so on.

You have to decide what (no paddle up your creek) means, and just what are (heavy loads) and (water high).

And, of course, what’s a (blaze)?  That might be easier than (tarry scant) and (marvel gaze.)

Decisions, decisions.  In any case, always go back to the poem.  FF said not to change any of it.

3 thoughts on “Fill in the Blank

  1. Everyone of course inter pates the meaning of the poem differently. Literally, figuratively and Forrest Fennly. Last year I started out with the outhouse theory. Home of Brown, up S#*T creek, a S#*T LOAD, etc….. Forrest said it is not in a outhouse. BUT….I believe the clue was the crescent moon on a outhouse door. In the book at the very end, is a drawing of a dove(which I believe are only in N.M. and Colorado) nesting on a crescent moon. It is looking at the guy with a ax who is looking at the dove with a look of, “I’m sorry, but it had to be done”. If the guy was a fire fighter, it is a common practice to cut a fire line. Look at the stumps. Are they really stumps?
    That’s all I’m saying for now, but remember the dove is a symbol for peace, “go in peace”. Good Luck Yall” !

  2. Well here is my shot at the poem and how I figured where it might be:

    Begin at CANYON lake
    And take it down
    Not far,but FARLEY creek
    Put in below the rusty brown; home of the grizzly bear.

    Near Cooke City, MT is THE Beaten path, well used and known fishing trail with various lakes. Off the beaten path is Fox lake where it might be.

    Canyon lake flows into Farley creek and Farley creek flows into Fox Lake. Fox Lake soil is full of iron and looks rusty brown.

    There are other clues in the poem. Like There’ll be no paddle up your creek. Your may refer to RUSSELL creek. Russell creek is named after Osborne Russell Fenn’s childhood hero from the Journal of a fur trader…. one of Fenn’s stories in the book.

    All the clues I’ve found all seem to point into Fox Lake.

    No place for the meek = week. Does take a small trail to get to Fox Lake
    The end is drawing nigh. Nigh is near and left (left of an animal to be precise) i.e. Left of Fox lake

    And all that… the blaze… well that’s something you’ll have to find when you get there.

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