Tonight on CBS 48 hours: The Fenn Treasure

If you want closure, don’t hold your breath. But still, it might be informative and/or entertaining.

What kind of light will they shine on Forrest Fenn and his treasure hunt?

Forrest Fenn’s Treasure Chest

3 thoughts on “Tonight on CBS 48 hours: The Fenn Treasure

  1. It was vital that nobody share my knowledge about the location of the treasure. The book holds Forrest’s secrets and nobody not even the so called finder has knowledge of the real secrets and the Place.

  2. You already have “closure” .. If you want to know exactly where the treasure was hidden I’ve been leaving you clues since February 2016 .. and I eft you CLEAR DIRECTIONS to the exact location about a week before Forrest publicly stated it was “found” .. Go back and read my comments on Dal’s, on Mysterious Writing and on here, beginning February 09, 2016 – which is exactly 12 months to the day after I discovered the location of the 2nd Clue on my 3rd day Boots on the Ground .. 2 – 3 feet of snow on the ground and an approaching snow storm prevented me from reaching clue 1 and verifying it and searching for clue three .. 1 month later I returned, reached clue 1, spent 3 days traveling back and forth between 1 and 2, taking measurements {distances} and studying the lay of the land [orienteering] and verifying that the two clues met all of the parameters of the clue and that it led to where I suspected clue three was at .. 2 – 3 feet of snow on the ground and sub-zero night-time temps still prevented me from [safely] reaching clue 3 .. I skipped an April Trip and returned in May 2016 .. I spent 3 days traveling back and forth between 2 and 3 and between 1 and 2 and the three clues together matched all of the parameters of the poem .. I returned in June and found clues 4 and 5 .. I returned in July and found clue 6 .. I returned in August and found clue 7 .. I returned in September and found clue 8 .. and I returned in October and found clue 9 .. I was a 16 hour drive one way which took about a day and half to drive .. 3 days on the ground deciphering and searching .. and a day and half drive back home .. during the month in between each search I spent 12 – 16 hours a day on the internet doing research on everything I found and connecting them to either the poem or to Forrest’s past or to something he mentioned in one of his books .. everything lined up perfectly with the poem and with multiple references in his stories .. I sent pictures to Forrest of all Nine clues .. I sent pictures to Forrest of the SPOT .. the entire search took me exactly 10 Months .. then I said NOTHING .. I was planning on a public exposure in March/April/May of 2016 – and then Randy disappeared and I decided to wait .. In Feb 2016, I made my first cryptic post – on Dal’s .. then later on Mysterious Writings and here .. every single post I made between Feb 2016 and today contains at least one clue to either the location of one of the 9 clues or to the exact location of the treasure .. then in late 2019 / early 2020 Forrest started making cryptic postings and I knew someone other than me was getting close .. and I wrote out post stating plaining the exact 9 clues and the trail to find them – if you search you will find that post – it tells you exactly where WWH is .. the trail to follow for Canyon Down .. how far to travel .. where to turn .. the name of the trail .. pinpoints what to look for for each of the 9 clues and how to interpret the clues and exactly what to look for to find the blaze and the hiding spot .. the location is on Private Land – a place that has Native American Spiritual significance, but has been disowned by the ancestors because it fell into White Man’s hands and the Spiritual Site has been damaged by decades of white man graffiti and trash .. this place was investigated by Forrest in the 1970s and 1980s and 1990s .. his father owned a chunk of land bordering it .. this land was SOLD by his father to a Corporation that developed it into a School .. the school building is in the shape of an “F” .. across the river from the school is a blurred “F” stained into the Rock Face .. a hundred and forty years ago, there was a 1-Room school house on this property .. remember the 50 miles they drove out of their way to read a School quote? .. this property and the original location of the old school house is exactly 50 miles from the turn off .. at one time, Forrest was part owner of the land where you find WWH .. It’s an Iron Mine that closed down on the 1980s .. Robert Redford wrote a book about taking a Horse Ride from Montana to Arizona .. that Horse Ride went right past Lander, WY, Red River Canyon, the Iron Mine and Atlantic City, WY .. “Begin It Where Warm Waters Halts” has THREE DEFINITIONS .. One of those definitions is PRODUCTION WATER – water used in the Mining Process to cool the machinery – that water becomes WARM .. the second definition is the dividing line between the Atlantic and Pacific – the PEAKS of the Rockies – the Continental Divide .. which is about 5 miles West of the Atlantic City Mine .. this specific spot is also the saddle where the Oregon Trail Crosses the Rockies .. the third definition of Warm Waters is only known to Pilots and Meteorologists – the warm air flowing eastward from the Pacific Ocean clashes with Cold Air traveling south from Canada – this happens at the peaks of the Rockies from Canada to the Oregon Trail — and it creates violent Blizzards just east of the Atlantic City Mine as you drive the Highway from Lander towards the Mine .. exactly 8.25 Miles East of the Atlantic City Mine is the turn off to Red Canyon Road .. this is “Put In Below The Home Of Brown” — it is DUE SOUTH of Lander, which is “The Home Of {Camp} Brown” .. this dirt road is “From There It’s No Place For The Meek” .. along this dirt road are several mentions from Forrest’s Books .. at the end of this road you pick up the other clues .. crossing a bridge over the Little Popo Agie {spelled “aggie”, but pronounced “Zha” and passing a run down building [also “no place for the meek”] .. this is the FISHING SPOT the Hertz Rent – A – Car Guy took Forrest to [ a bit of a lie, as Forrest’s father OWNED this land for several decades and Forrest no doubt fished this River dozens of times when he was a boy ] .. the property is now owned and managed by an OUTDOOR SURVIVAL SCHOOL teaching exactly what Forrest did his entire life [and their building is built in the shape of an “F”] .. but this is not where the Treasure was hidden .. you have to cross the riverette that runs through this property, go around a double curve and then climb a small hill .. if you back track to just before you cross the bridge you’ll find a Farm/Ranch House owned by the Conservation Society, which owns almost all of the land in Red Canyon – at this Farm House you’ll discover a Telephone Pole .. if you start counting telephone poles you’ll discover a number that was VERY IMPORTANT to Forrest .. On this specially numbered Telephone Pole you’ll find a BLAZE .. A Trail Marker .. it’s about 2″ X 2″ AND YELLOW .. the more you travel this trail the more things you’ll find that are mentioned in Forrest’s Stories .. and the more clear it become EXACTLY where the treasure was hidden .. but the Conservatory is private land, the School is Private Land and the Parcel of land where the Treasure was hidden is Private land — the River is State owned [Government] Land and you’re about 10 or 15 miles from the Shoshoni Reservation .. Forrest’s Stories talk about “similar” things – things related to what you will find along the trail — but they don’t talk about the exact things .. if you figure out the “Naked Bath” story and how it relates to something that you find on the Dirt Road “Red Canyon Road / No Place For The Meek” you’ll understand better what I am saying .. The Blaze is not an “F” but something near the blaze {the building} is .. the story of the “burned down home” in Texas used to also refer to a burned down Mobile Home on the School Property in Red Canyon – it was there is 2015 and 2016, but I think it’s since been cleaned away, late 2016 or early 2017 .. the “shot dog” story used to refer to a Clue that Forrest Left on the Overlook looking down into the Canyon .. I found it in February 2015, took a photo of it and sent it to Forrest, it was there for the next 2 or 3 months but then it “magically disappeared” the next time I was there in either May or June 2015 .. There was no doubt it was a Forrest Fenn Clue .. a couple of clues that were positioned along the trail were there in 2015, but when I returned in the Spring of 2016 they also disappeared .. but there are still enough Major Clues to locate and Identify all of the 9 clues .. I have photos and notes of everything I discovered – including the Treasure, which I uncovered and photographed in October and November of 2015 .. and then recovered and left in the exact same location .. I sent copies of these photos and notes to Forrest between February 2015 {the “two dead dogs”} and up until 1 or 2 months before the “discovery” .. I can show you every square inch of the trail, from Clue 1 to Clue 10, and explain the historical significance of it to Forrest and how it ties into his stories and tall tales that he told ..

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