worth the cold

Really.  Does this need explanation?    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Somewhere on the upper Mississippi River

Somewhere on the upper Mississippi River

8 thoughts on “worth the cold

    • If You read His book TTOTC you would have read a part where he was reading the part or a trapper Osborn I believe his name was. He states in his journal how ‘ he went in there alone….He was referring to an area , location. In which he spent 6 or more months alone…

      • sorry ,I was reading a post about As I have gone in there alone.. I placed on the wrong post..oops

    • Your Efforts will be worth the cold. You work and searching will give you access too his Chest, BRONZE, COLD… Chest…of Treasures. .New and Old. Next ??? lol

  1. Brave to ride in Skippy’s Model A tied to a buffalo. Worth the cold when they crashed in the creek and got wet and had to walk home in the cold and did not realize how much fun it was until much later. So you are looking for Skippy’s Model A car in the wood. Problem is you will not find it there ever again because I carjacked it and parked it 100 miles from the wood. See youtube video Driving Skippy Feen to his brother’s treasure.

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