Here’s a link to an OUTSIDE article that lays out what is currently known about the finding of Forrest Fenn’s hidden chest.

Forrest Fenn’s Treasure Chest

And there’s this more comprehensive recent article from the UK, The Daily Mail:

click here.

One thought on “Update(s)

  1. I can absolutely guarantee you that re “the place” being discussed is NOT the real hiding spot .. this “chaser” that supposedly found the treasure was given clues by Forrest – he was bought off – he spent no time searching .. the place they told the YNP director is either a] NOT the actual location nd Fenn and his “chaser” agreed to a fake location [ which Fenn picked out before he ever hid the treasure ] or b] she visited a piece of land that Forrest donated to the NPS AFTER the treasure was found .. Forrest pulled a scam .. when I got to within 4 feet of the treasure – after telling Forrest I found it and sending him photos of the chest in situ and stating almost exactly what this “chaser” stated in his email .. way back in 2017 – Forrest called the Land Rangers and had me arrested .. the judge told me if I returned I would go to jail .. Forrest has a fascination with the number 10 .. I found it too early and he got pissed and gave the treasure to someone else after I refused to play his game according to his rules ..

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