His Books

TTOTC book jacket

Where to begin….. I think I’ll quote Fenn’s father from page 25 in The Thrill of the Chase  book:

“Okay son, what have we learned from all of this.”

Forrest Fenn has written many interesting books on fascinating subjects.  To find them all, (except the one hidden in his treasure chest) click here.

One thought on “His Books

  1. I have the holy grail of Forrest Fenn special edition books for sale. I have a special edition (1 of 10) Secrets of San Lazaro Pueblo with an artifact emblazoned in the cover along with one of his special copies of Teepee Smoke (not the limited edition 1 of 100 with the Sharp etching) that is custom bound with an original oil painting of JH Sharp emblazoned in the cover (not #s of how many made but i believe Forrest made less than 10). Each of these books have a bound-in page noting they are special editions and are signed by Forrest. I actually acquired the Sharp book via trade from Forrest. More details are available / I can arrange a private showing for serious parties. Please reach out if interested. jmpryor1984@gmail.com

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