Bears, Oh My!

Summer’s winding down and bears will be getting hungrier.  Rethinking my entire Yellowstone area hiking plans.  Hmmm.  How far south do the grizzlies range?

Bears, oh my!

Bears, oh my!

Cute story by Ryan Gebhart for Middle Grade readers about a boy and his grandpa.  FICTION, fortunately!

Toby’s First Podcast—Renelle

From A Gypsy’s Kiss—

Toby’s First Podcast—Renelle

I just listened to this great interview with Rennelle.  Beautiful in all respects.


(Forrest and Dal’s Do Good Raffle is tomorrow—last day to buy a ticket!)



Prize donated by Forrest Fenn:


One of his hand-crafted bronze jars filled with treasures that he will describe to the winner in a one-on-one visit, including ….


Nuclear Fire


There was a total eclipse of the sun yesterday, but unless you were hundreds of miles off the US Atlantic coastline, there was no chance for North Americans to see this eclipse in its totality. If you were on the eastern seaboard, you could enjoy the partial eclipse version of this celestial event, but we here in the Midwest were too far inland to see anything. I have seen one total eclipse in my life, in 1979; I flew up to Manitoba in February to witness it, not exactly a peak tourist season there. Last year, there was a mini-eclipse of sorts, the transit of Venus. I was able to photograph it from the front yard. Last month, at the U-City Circle in a Square quilt show, Jerri Stroud displayed her The Transit of Venus quilt. All of these astronomically themed pictures are simply preamble to what I really want…

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Pepperoni, Watermelon, and a Chainsaw?


Forrest copied me on this colorful tale, so I’ll share it for those of you who haven’t seen Scrapbook Forty Six on Dal’s blog, Thrill of the Chase.  It’s so Fenn!

“October 2013

I never go shopping…     

But I was in Kaune’s grocery store with five items in my cart. Just a few things I needed to watch the Broncos play the Cowboys: pepperoni, bologna, Tabasco, salami and horseradish.

As I approached the check out counter, a shapely twentyish-looking woman raced past me. Her pushcart was loaded with six-packs of Corona beer. She wore tight shorts and slosh sandals, but it was her large hair – garish red and full of curlers – that struck me. The curlers were mostly white but a few were brown, and her piercings and tattoos introduced me to a world I had rarely seen before. I told myself I had to get out more.

As I slowed my cart to prevent a wreck, Mz Fashion Maven gave me a grin that said my 83 years were no match for her youth and exuberance.

The checkout line moved slowly and the delay gave me time to observe Mz Maven, who seemed to be annoyed by my preoccupation with the objects that decorated her hair. As we stood there looking at each other, I politely asked, pointing to her hair, “How many stations can you get on that thing?”

Zowee, I quickly regretted the question as the color in her face started to match her hair tint. Suddenly she looked like she had an itch in a place she couldn’t scratch. It really bothered me when she yelled, “How dare you…!” (expletives deleted) in a loud and commanding voice.

When all of the shoppers started staring at me, I wanted them to see that my hands were in my pockets and had been there for a long time. I was embarrassed and slowly backed away. Outside I watched from behind a truck of watermelons until Mz Maven loaded her supplies beside a chainsaw in the back of her pickup truck. As she pulled out, I saw she had a bumper sticker that read: Practice Beauty & Random Acts of Pleasure.

I munched on saltine crackers while the Broncos beat the Cowboys by three points. I’ve decided to stay at home more. f “

Heated curlers in Schenzhen, China

Heated curlers in Schenzhen, China (Photo credit: Pondspider)

I told Forrest it sounded like a chapter for his next book.  Title?  How about “If You Are Brave.”

(Do the saltines mean he left without the health food?)

English: Curlers in Innisfail, Alberta. L-R ba...

English: Curlers in Innisfail, Alberta. L-R back row: Mr. Fairley; Billy Wilson. L-R front row: Mr. Agnew; John A. Simpson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gators in Minnesota ! ? ! ? !

English: A yawning American alligator (Alligat...

Gators in Minnesota ! ? ! ? !

{Just so you know, I toss a gator in the moat before I leave home.}

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Wisconsin Wit

“An alligator that surprised two boys fishing in a Washington County lake was shot dead by a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources enforcement officer, but another alligator remained on the loose Thursday.”

This was necessary because, as the DNR officer explained, “alligators don’t belong in Minnesota lakes and have no business alarming anglers.”

The search for Bonnie continues. You already know the name of her dead partner.

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Today Show TTOTC Clue Update

It sounds like Forrest and the Today Show people have been in touch.  Just waiting on Matt Lauer for the timing of the next clue.  Getting ready . . . .

People playing Cluedo, a deduction boardgame

People playing Cluedo, a deduction boardgame (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New Q & A with Forrest Fenn

I’d been wondering for awhile about Mr. Fenn’s hidden autobiography, the one sealed in a jar in the treasure chest.  Would the finder, if not me, be sharing it with those of us fascinated by the man?

Also, since I’m still mystified by the meanings of the hints and clues, real and imagined, is he planning to publish a book (after the chest is found) that would put us obsessed seekers out of our, well, not misery exactly, but you know?  A cure for whatever we want to call it.

So, I asked him.

His response was quicker than my posting. ***

There is a now a new column/heading on my blog:  Q&A with Fenn.  I’ll add to it as they occur.  I’m  never short of questions, just answers.

You’ll see by his answers why I’m now more motivated to head to the Rockies before the snow flies.  Even if I haven’t had that mental breakthrough so I could go with perfect confidence, I think I’d regret it all winter if I didn’t try at least once.

The other news from Forrest Fenn is that his newest book, Too Far To Walk is headed to the printer’s this week.  I’m already on the waiting list at Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe.  It will also be available on his website, Old Santa Fe Trading

***  Friday I  had no internet service, and this weekend I headed 3 hours north for a funeral:  95 year-old WWII veteran, tears at the first hymn, and at the 21 gun salute.  “I learned to pray at Normandy,” he’d told the pastor.