New Q & A with Forrest Fenn

I’d been wondering for awhile about Mr. Fenn’s hidden autobiography, the one sealed in a jar in the treasure chest.  Would the finder, if not me, be sharing it with those of us fascinated by the man?

Also, since I’m still mystified by the meanings of the hints and clues, real and imagined, is he planning to publish a book (after the chest is found) that would put us obsessed seekers out of our, well, not misery exactly, but you know?  A cure for whatever we want to call it.

So, I asked him.

His response was quicker than my posting. ***

There is a now a new column/heading on my blog:  Q&A with Fenn.  I’ll add to it as they occur.  I’m  never short of questions, just answers.

You’ll see by his answers why I’m now more motivated to head to the Rockies before the snow flies.  Even if I haven’t had that mental breakthrough so I could go with perfect confidence, I think I’d regret it all winter if I didn’t try at least once.

The other news from Forrest Fenn is that his newest book, Too Far To Walk is headed to the printer’s this week.  I’m already on the waiting list at Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe.  It will also be available on his website, Old Santa Fe Trading

***  Friday I  had no internet service, and this weekend I headed 3 hours north for a funeral:  95 year-old WWII veteran, tears at the first hymn, and at the 21 gun salute.  “I learned to pray at Normandy,” he’d told the pastor.

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