Wars Last Forever

Soft colored rose on vietnam wall

Soft colored rose on vietnam wall (Photo credit: eric.eberhard)

This chapter was first an entry on Forrest Fenn’s blog.  If you click on it, you will see that it drove a series of emotional comments, one of them mine, and no shortage of suggestions as to what he should do with the gift.

2 thoughts on “Wars Last Forever

  1. As one new to this puzzle adventure, I am still reading about Forrest Fenn and certainly don’t want to attribute incorrect and misunderstandings about his views, but this whole “thrill of the chase for gold” contains so much irony and irreconcilable coincidence that I have to share:
    In my youth and during the Vietnam era, I can recall songs that made the top 40 included Cher’s “half-breed” and the song to the TV show “Billy Jack” (a person who fought for justice for the “first Americans”). The irony is that Forrest Fenn has certainly prospered in dealing with Native American art, and yet, so much of the One Tin Soldier lyrics parallel this treasure quest we embark upon.



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