Really?  A treasure chest hidden in the Rocky Mountains?

About six weeks ago, I first visited the Old Santa Fe Trading Company’s website.  I read the poem: The Thrill of the Chase.  I read some of Forrest Fenn’s other writings.  I consulted a map.

What happened next?  (i.e., where has the last month gone?!?!?)

I drove to the new BassPro Shop and bought a large map of Yellowstone.  Oh, yeah.  The hidden treasure chest has got to be near the Sheepeater‘s.  Piece of cake.  Oh, wait.  Maybe it’s by that waterfall in the south of the park.  No wait.  Check out this road in Idaho.  Then again, eastern Wyoming’s looking good.  Just how far east do the Rocky Mountains go???  And north.  Would Mr. Fenn have gone all the way to British Columbia, Alaska even?   Colorado and Utah also have promise.

So, then, naturally I decided to order the book. TTOTC book jacket Good thing I didn’t wait.  There were only 389 or so copies left.  I buzzed through it once, and am in the process of studying it now.  Along with the armloads of library books I carry home.

Then, I started following Dal’s blog:  The Thrill of the Chase.  And Richard’s.  See the Official TOTC Resource page at Old Santa Fe Trading Co. (http://www.oldsantafetradingco.com/the-thrill-resource-page ) Thank you all.

Don’t worry fellow chasers.  I haven’t been out west for 8 or 10 years, and I’ve never even been to New Mexico or Arizona.  My searches will lie from Colorado north, only because I’m  slightly more familiar with the northern tier of states.

Also, don’t worry about my revealing overly helpful hints.  Until the treasure is found, this blog will be very general in nature.  After all, I hope to get in an actual search myself.  Someday.  (Update:  First Attempt)

Once the treasure is in someone’s hands, we can post stories and pictures from the paths that our interpretations of the poem led us down, actual and imagined.  I’m up to about twenty very fitting solutions myself, though I won’t be attempting all of them.  Not a fan of the grizzly bear, rattlesnakes, flying, and altitude, it turns out.

Forrest Fenn's Treasure Chest

Forrest Fenn’s Treasure Chest

Also, you might like to reveal all the awesome solutions and hints you’ve discovered hidden in the layers of Mr. Fenn’s writings.  Well, not just yet, maybe . . . .

In the meantime, look for journal entries sparked by what the chase has stirred up, uncovered, revealed, inspired.

So who is Forrest Fenn?

A Master of Education?

An Architect?


Get a glimpse of the man by watching Dal’s Santa Fe Interviews.  Here’s one about Fenn, the pilot.

{Fear of flying? Here is an example of the opposite kind of flyer.  I can relate.}

Mr. Fenn signing my TTOTC.

Mr. Fenn signing my TTOTC.

48 thoughts on “Home

    • Thanks, Dal. I was lucky. The heavy rains had pushed a couple of them on edge even. The two complete ones were new to me. Snapped bases were uncommon where I’m from, about a hundred thirty miles from my current site. Then again, I showed one that was new to the experts south of here an hour, a Fox Valley point.

  1. Welcome to the “Riddlers”, the Coyote is smiling. I am a fellow Navigator/WSO of the F-4 era. I was in WW Vietnam 2 years after Forrest left. Been involved in F-111 and F-15E training since 1988. The Chase is consuming and a many layered quest. You have found that our already. Estacado AKA Buzz Gillis

    • Dina,
      I love your site. The variety, photos, books, even book fairies! What fun. I especially like the picture of the little girl reading the tome on your Beloved Books page.
      Vielen danke fur Ihr besuchen. (???) [Was I even close?]

      • Very close! :-) The pic of the little girl reading is taken from the film “I am DIna”, it’s beautiful, isn’t it? It goes right to my heart; she cannot read, she is sort of counting the words. Thanks a lot for looking into it! It’s highly appreciated.
        Love and a big hug to you ♥

    • Maybe I’ve got adult ADHD. Or maybe I’m just easily bored.
      You’ve got quite the adventures. I’ll enjoy them vicariously—too claustrophobic to scuba dive. Snorkeling works though.

  2. Thank you for liking my post “A Fallen Comet”, else I wouldn’t have had the chance to find your blog.Thanks for the wonderful posts and photos!

  3. Thanks for liking my post and good luck with your chase. It reminds me of a similar chase which happened in England following Kit Williams book Masquerade.

  4. I love your blog, I read the poem The Thrill of The Chase back in March. I am not pursuing the treasure at this point in time but I have considered the clues. I don’t have time for a treasure hunt of this magnitude at this point of my life. My spare time is pre occupied with the hunt for gold and gems that nature will allow me to find. I will frequent you blog. To all who seek this treasure good luck. I think I figured out another clue from your blog, thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Thanks for liking my post “Moose at Night”. If your chase leads you up to Canada let me know, and I’ll tell you where you can drive to find your own moose to avoid. Or would that be meese? ;)

  6. WOWWWW …. This was great … You are an outdoorsman? Safe to assume? You mentioned the Rocky Mountains, but I realize that could mean a number of places. I live at 8800 feet in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains … in Clear Creek County. Well, I will try to get back soon … T

  7. In a perfect world we would meet and travel by caravan. On the other hand it might be fun to just all meet at a hotel off of the plaza in Santa Fe and share stories about our lives and talk freely about our searches like the knights of old or prospectors around the campfire, but with kingsized pillow top beds to rest our late in life heads. I estimate that the book and treasure hunters have poured tourist bucks into the economy to cover the value of the treasure several times over hinting the state should allow him to live tax free. More importantly the help he and the book people give for cancer patients is such a compassionate mission, God should give him another life extention. My grandmother said that living in that part of the country, walking in the mountains and drinking hot water with lemon kept her living much longer than she or anyone expected. We have all been blessed by Mr Fenn and his wonderful family for their stories, lessons of selfless service to others and especially his teachers that managed to get some learning into him to write such a great poem.

  8. Wow! From what i have seen on this first visit to your blog…Well done! Great work. Thank you so much for visiting and following my own; its much appreciated my friend. HNY!

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