“If you can’t fix it with gum or duct tape, it’s not a real VW bus”

I was driving, so Michele snapped these pictur...

Okay.  So why did I reblog this?  Aside from the humor, it reminded me of the first James Michener book I read.  The Drifters— a pop-top VW bus cruising across Europe with, I think, 6 occupants.

It kindled a spark I had for overseas travel, being young and single at the time.  I didn’t make it to the running of the bulls in Pamplona (I’m fine with that), or the ancient cave paintings in Lascaux, France (which are now closed to the public).

Lascaux Caves - Prehistoric Paintings

Lascaux Caves – Prehistoric Paintings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Michener’s known for dozens of works including Tales of the South Pacific, TexasHawaii, Alaska, and Centennial.  You get the idea.  Lots of historical facts woven into great stories.

Treasure in the Rockies

Treasure in the Rockies

But, more important to The Thrill of the Chase by Forrest Fenn, it reminded me of another Michener novel I read (and reread) ages ago.  The Source.  I plan to revisit it again.  It’s multi-layered—an archaeological dig at a tell in the Middle East, with a new story at each strata, plus the thread of the current dig.  Very Fennesque in imagination.

For more on the VW, click this link:

If you can’t fix it with gum or duct tape, it’s not a real VW bus.

(Having owned a VW bug, I can attest to the cabin comfort consisting of ‘Heater On/Heater Off’.  The change in temperature was accomplished by getting underneath the beetle and beating something to the opposite position.)

English: Duct Tape

English: Duct Tape (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For more grins and giggles with duct tape, check out the Red Green videos, especially the Possum Club oath at the end of each show.

From Red Green's Facebook Page

From Red Green’s Facebook Page

2 thoughts on ““If you can’t fix it with gum or duct tape, it’s not a real VW bus”

  1. Thank you so much for this post! 🙂 It’s great.
    First of all I have to get the Michener now and then I’ll pass the post on to my campervan friends.
    Greetings from The Rhine Valley

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