Family finds $300,000 treasure off Florida coast

Suppose they ‘gazed in marvel’?

(CNN) — The Schmitt family has spent every day of the last 13 summers searching for gold off the Treasure Coast of Florida. And it looks like their hard work sifting through trash in the Atlantic Ocean has finally paid off: They’ve just discovered a trove of gold that could be worth more than $300,000.

It started with a single gold coin, spotted over the Labor Day weekend by Dale Zeak, a diver and friend of the Schmitt family. Zeak then spotted more coins and gold chains that he saved for 26-year-old Eric Schmitt, who brought them to the surface Sunday.

“Eric’s the one who picked that spot that day,” said his sister, Hillary Schmitt. “It was his turn to bring something up.”

Eric, who is currently on another dive and could not be reached by phone, shared his experience with HLN affiliate WPTV.

“It was a lot of emotion,”…

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