“Hear Me All . . . ” Forrest Fenn

Somewhere south of Duluth

Somewhere south of Duluth

English: John Muir

English: John Muir (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“There is a musical idea in every form. See, hear, how sharp, loud, and clear-ringing are the tones of the sky-piercing peaks and spires; and how deep and smooth and massive those of the swelling domes and round-backed ridge-waves; and how quickly the multitude of small features in a landscape suggest hurrying trills and ripples and waves of melody. We not only see the forms and colors of the mountains, but hear them. Plants and animals also seem to be music both in form and color. Everything breaks forth into form, color, song, and fragrance – an eternal chorus of praise going up from every garden and grove, a wide range of harmonies leading into the inner harmonies that are eternal.”

Signature of John Muir

Signature of John Muir (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2 thoughts on ““Hear Me All . . . ” Forrest Fenn

  1. Hi Barbara. I was hoping to talk to you about a project about Fenn’s treasure and the people hunting for it. Please email me!

    • Thanks for your interest, but I’m probably not your ideal candidate. Check out the folks on the ‘blogs I follow’ for some fascinatingly adventuresome Fennatics. All the best.

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