Let’s call this non-partisan, please

Coast Guard welcomes Honor Flight to DC

I hope this link works—

Honoring the guardians:

Our local heroes (Quad Cities) are scheduled for tomorrow!

Spc. James Phillips, 249th Eng Battalion (Prim...

Spc. James Phillips, 249th Eng Battalion (Prime Power), assists World War II veteran Vernon Bolstad as he arrives at Reagan National Airpor from Minnesota as part of the Honor Flight Network to see the National World War II Memorial. http://www.army.mil/armylife/veterans/ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One thought on “Let’s call this non-partisan, please

  1. I didn’t get to see all the memorials out West. I did visit and read “The Wall”. It is and will always be as consuming emotionally as visiting the USS Arizona. You missed one highly important group.

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