Happy Ending and Good Luck

Check out the money tree photos.


“The art is not in making money, but in keeping it.” – Proverb

Ullswater, Lake District, England, Foto: Hanne Siebers

Good news arrived in the Lake District; you were all right and I got my money back from the bank! 🙂 What a relief, so it became a happy ending after all. 🙂

Aira Waterfalls, Lake District, England, Foto: Hanne Siebers

“Subconsciously, don’t you think everyone believes in angels, fairies, magic and happy endings?”, Siri and Selma asked their beloved Master as they flew into this funny looking tree yesterday. “Of course”, Master answered, “there’s always a strong desire for hope and hope attracts magic, doesn’t it?”

Money tree, Aira Force, The Lakes, UK, Foto: Hanne Siebers

We were hiking near the Aira Force at Ullswater and our bookfayries led us to a money tree wrapped in hammered coins inside an enigma. How did it begin and why? Who hammered in the first coins? Did they hope that their spoken wishes would be granted? And by the way, who remembers to bring a hammer and coins…

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