Tonight in Santa Fe

Ready, set, . . . .

Ready, set, . . . .

Hi to all the searchers in Santa Fe tonight for the triple book signing at Collected Works Bookstore.  (Yes, I’m still jealous. Someone, give Forrest a hug for me. )

And, by the way, I just finished reading Douglas Preston‘s The Codex last night.  Gripping.  —–Repeat to self:  This is not about Forrest, this is not about Forrest . . . .

Maybe I need to start another campfire, but someone mentioned 3 inches of snow.

If you can’t make it to this book signing, Mr. Fenn will be signing Too Far To Walk in Taos on November 2nd.

Another campfire.  Marshmallows.  Cocoa.  My next read?

Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate (Photo credit: Sheep”R”Us)

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