The People Remember

This Day—

Christine Composes


Poppies toss freely in the breeze; they don’t know
the earth-shuddering rumble of tanks.

The larks sing joyously overhead; they don’t know
the song-drowning roar of cannons.

Pigeons bob peacefully along city streets; they don’t know
the terror of bomb-ignited infernos.

The people know.  Every year they remember
in silence; they pray they’ll never hear
the thunder of bombers overhead,
the scream of anti-aircraft guns,
the tramp of military boots.
God help us.

Christine Goodnough

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One thought on “The People Remember

  1. We remember those who have gone before us and sacrificed for us. I can only hope that some day humanity learns from their mistakes and we will never have to remember another fallen soldier.

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