Thor (-ium) Ablaze // Road Food

Miss Muffet

Miss Muffet

{Not a happy post.  Not a Fenn treasure post.}

When I packed for my road trip to search for the treasure chest, I filled a cooler with frozen juices, healthy food, waters, and even falafel mix. (I know, but when you’re trying to dine gluten-free and non-GMO and non-ractopamine, etc, etc, what are you going to do? )

It was a cooler apparently in name only, and with the 105 degree days, I was adding copious amounts of ice within 48 hours.  I ran low on my rations early on, but once I hit Wyoming, I started ordering steak salads,  (and was never disappointed!)

Thor (Marvel Comics)

Okay.  So how does this relate to Thor, you ask?

—  See prior post– a reblog of Regenaxe’s Nuclear Fire.  It gave me pause.

Once upon a time, I was avidly against nuclear power plants.  After Three-Mile-Island, I was ardently antinuke.  Post Chernobyl–fervently  so.

As I said, I thought it was difficult to eat on the road and avoid gluten and gmo’s (biotech)  and other toxins.  Now, post-Fukishima, I find it hard to eat even at home.

Grocery shopping:  I hesitate to buy seafood now.  Pasture-raised meat and dairy?  Doesn’t excite me like it used to.

Can I even find non-gmo corn products?  Only if it’s organic, and now I’m not even sure about that.

Does it really only have to be 95% Gmo-free by weight to be considered organic?  Just how much can an engineered gene weigh?  And I just read that organic doesn’t mean Round-Up free, either.  What the ….?

Remember that first week after the tsunami and the reports of spikes in the  readings starting on the West coast, and then the East?  And then, no more news?

We’re sort of ‘fuked’.

So, back to Thor.


A couple weeks ago I heard an interview on the radio.  Someone promoting a book promoting nuclear power.  Before changing channels though, I heard enough to be interested.

Thorium reactions can’t go critical (into meltdown mode) and create maybe only 10% of the waste  current technologies produce.  Not a bad thing.

While China and India are pursuing this technology,  America is burying thorium as a waste product.  (Somewhere, I guess.)

Other minds know more about this.  The book is Thorium–energy cheaper than coal by Robert Hargraves.

Is it too late?  Who knows.  With three reactors in meltdown and spent rod cooling ponds running out of water storage space across the ocean, and fish freaking me out on the scale of their radioactivity, I kind of try to ignore it.

No Fishing Allowed

No Fishing Allowed

When Japan got hit and the news trickled out, I sent my kids emails and told them to eat seaweed and kelp.  Not that they listened, but it was the least I could do.  Now I won’t be buying any more seaweed products either, not that I was a big fan.  I still have some pre-Fukishima capsules.

Okay.  Back to the Chase.  I need some fun.

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