Clear as a Bell?

Treasure in the Rockies

Treasure in the Rockies

To quell any rumors out there about Forrest Fenn’s treasure chest being found, or pictures of it on the web, and so forth , listen good

“I have not received a photo of the treasure chest. Whoever is saying those things if puffing smoke. Ask them for the proof the offered. If I know that someone has found the treasure I will announce it on all of the blogs and my web site.”

Forrest Fenn    May 1st, 2014

Clear as a bell?

So, if you do happen to find it, send proof positive, like a picture of you holding the chest, wearing the bracelet and necklace with the jaguar, trying to keep a modest smile on your face, along with an invitation to the celebration party….I’d be happy to forward it.

Happy hunting, all!Little Green Frog

7 thoughts on “Clear as a Bell?

  1. To the person who emailed Forrest “a picture of the treasure box ( in its concealment )”, don’t take it personally that your comments didn’t get published here. Emails addressed to Mr. Fenn, negative, or not family -friendly emails, and spam generally don’t appear on this site. Again, good luck and all in getting the chest out of its “concealment”.

    • Am back… Just did a New Mexico trip. Loved the daily treasures. The best was a tour of two artists home and sleeping on the Mesa at Madrid. 360 degree sunset and sunrise! Heading North to look had me drooling at the desert flowers, planning a regular Spring getaway. Montana is muddy, Desert bound…also Mesa Verde.. Come on, how rich can I get? Thank you for the inspiration FF…

  2. Reblogged this on Up A Cold Creek With No Paddle and commented:
    Alas, I must look
    Not off the hook
    It just took awhile
    A thousand years
    And ten many more miles
    A poem
    It is
    On every drive
    i ask
    Now, are you Brown?
    I boldly trudge where
    Forrest might have gone.
    When I tell him.
    He laughs and laughs.
    But girl?
    Where is warm waters end?
    Oh, Forrest, blush
    I am learning
    But yet not wise.
    My eyes
    The golden light of dawn,
    The lusty sparkle of dew.
    I knew
    I just knew.

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