If You Recognize This Person….

only child

only child 

If you know who this person is, let me know.  I’ll drop off the photo, etc., next time I’m in New Mexico.

This pic made me think of the twins in Forrest Fenn’s bookToo Far To Walk, which made me wonder about a couple more things which may remain mysteries.  Ah, well.



Back to the Chase—Dal’s blog is in overdrive lately since he officially dropped out of the hunt for Fenn’s treasure.  Lots to keep up with over there.

Another great addition is over on Jenny Kile’s blog.  Forrest is answering searcher’s questions at the rate of more than one a day.

Love it!

English: Stout Arch, Mystery Valley, Monument ...English: Stout Arch, Mystery Valley, Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, Arizona, USA Français : Stout Arch, Mystery Valley, Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, Arizona, États-Unis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Me?  It’s raspberry season.  This year– raspberry ice cream made with organic cream and sugar.  Small treasures….


One thought on “If You Recognize This Person….

  1. Remember everyone that the clues should not be taken literally in all cases and are up for interpretation. It’s not about what you think the words mean, it’s what Forrest Fenn wants you to think the words mean. He is using misdirection to direct people past one of the locations mentioned in his stories. You have to remember too that he is not a person that always adheres to social norms and has been known to bend the rules so you have to do the same where you see fit with clues, words in the poem, with the stories, everything. Remember he got kicked out of pompeii muliple times, grew up playing in yellowstone when there were few park rangers and had to decide for himself what was dangerous and what wasn’t, and he sold fake paintings and advertised they were fake so it was legal and people bought into the idea because he said they were the frauds if they liked the paintings and valued them only because they were famous. He has made a living off of buying things low, talking them up, getting publicity, and increasing demand to inflate the price. I interpret a creek as being a creek, gulch, trail, river, and other things and do that with other words in the poem so I wouldn’t rule out any area unnecessarily just because you think a clue or the poem rules them out. It’s hard to tell what another person is thinking. Forrest Fenn also said it wasn’t associated with a structure. That could mean it is not connected to a structure, it is not near a structure, but a structure or former structure could still be relevant to solving the riddle. For example, Forrest Fenn also said think 10,000 years—well that could be 10k years in the past or 10k years in the future. 10k years in the past or future it wouldn’t necessarily be associated with a structure even if it was today so you can only take that clue and the others with a grain of salt. I found a weird site called braveandinthewood.com that popped up in several places in search engines and it has a spinning arrow. If you look at the code it mentions things that implies direction is subject to interpretation so even the clue north of santa fe can’t be interpreted literally since some early spanish explorers referred to the atlantic ocean as the north sea and that direction was north and the direction of california was south. The only clues I take literally as facts are things like higher than 5,000 feet, the search area and faintedregions on the map since Forrest said even those couldn’t be ruled out, and other things that definitely can’t be left to interpretation. Mostly I throw out the poem and explore areas mentioned in his book because then you are guaranteed to pick up his trail at some point. Areas in yellowstone, west yellowstone, new mexico in all directions from santa fe since he has invited everyone to santa fe multiple times for gatherings at the hotel (keyword that was mentioned in another weird site via an audio clip at wherewarmwatershalt.com).

    In order to locate what can’t be found, you have to search where nobody else is looking and where Forrest Fenn doesn’t intend people to search. In other words, if you are only searching in the areas you are being directed to by Forrest Fenn, you will never find it. So where is nobody searching? Private property! That is the biggest question he has been evading–whether or not it is hidden on public property. He refuses to answer this one because it is too big of a clue. Why? Most of the search area is public property since the government owns the majortity of land in the rocky mountains about 5000 feet and there are many public spaces like national forests where he could legally burry it or legally drop it in the water, hide it brush, etc. Everyone is searching public property because they assume that is where he hid it and that is why Forrest Fenn is scared to answer that question and why it’s too important of a question. That should tell us all it is not on public property at all and is precisely why nobody will ever find it except the property owners or people willing to break the law to get it which I’m not going to do.

    The treasure is hidden on private property otherwise Forrest Fenn would answer that simple question. This is the most simple question Forrest should have no problem answering, that is if it is on public property (which it isn’t). You are wasting your time if you are searching public property.

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