1884: The great Robbery of Hawaii

There be pirates . . .1884 Hawaii  (reblogged below)

and treasures found with imagination


Intrepid on the Atlantic

Intrepid on the Atlantic

weird history nut

Greetings once again loungers on bar stool of the bar of shame. I have yarn for ya

When one thinks of pirate raids in the pacific, one normally thinks of the great buccaneering days of south America in the 17th century or the brief age of the privateers during the war of south American Independence around 1820 or the few acts of gold fever piracy in the early 1850’s. By the time of 1880 piracy and the great buccaneering raids was well and truly a thing of the past. Or where they?

The peaceful pacific was settling down to a more gentle refined era of neocolonialism and island monarchies. It was the age when the missionaries had tamed the mighty cannibals of the pacific and the reckless beachcomber and pirates were a thing of the past. Hawaii was still a independent kingdom not yet a state of the United States.

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