Ringing Rocks, Pennsylvania

“Hear me all and listen good. . . “


The odd and the obscure have always fascinated me. As have mysteries. When I was younger, I fantasized about driving around the country in a van with close friends of mine solving mysteries like in “Scooby Doo,” but in our case, we would prove the mysteries to be true, or so I thought. We even did a little bit of this around Washington, DC, where as teenagers we investigated urban legends of Goatman, Boaman, and local sightings of Bigfoot. We never saw anything, but got ourselves pretty scared. Well, it’s hard to be scared of by rocks, but rocks that ring for no reason is intriguing, and so on two separate occasions, I made my way with friends to this quiet corner of Southeastern Pennsylvania to experience the eerie sounds of ringing rocks, one of only a handful of places in the world where such phenomena exists. 

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