5 Most Searched Lost Treasures in The World

Something to do after the Fenn treasure is found?

1 – City of Paititi

Much like El Dorado or Atlantis, Paititi is a legendary hidden city that is rumored to be located in the southeastern part of Peru. The legend of the city of Paititi says that the Incas used this city to keep their treasures hidden from the Spanish. Most people took the stories about Paititi just to be legends until it was likely discovered east of the Andes Mountains.

2 – Patiala Necklace

Made for the reigning Maharaja of Patiala at the time, the House of Cartier designed this 234.65 karat diamond necklace in 1928. This massive and ridiculously expensive necklace held over 2,900 diamonds and several Burmese rubies. Twenty years after the necklace was designed it disappeared. Thirty-four years after the necklace’s mysterious vanishing it reappeared at an auction in Geneva, Switzerland. When the necklace was found once again in 1998 it was missing a few…

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