December 18th, 1888 Discovery by Richard Wetherill

Nice write-up over at ARTLVRK. Thought I’d share. It’s on my bucket list.

On the 18th of December 1888, Richard Wetherill, explorer, guide and excavator to-be, along with his friend Charlie Mason, both cowboys from Mancos, found Cliff Palace in Mesa Verde after noticing the ruins from the top of the highland. Cliff Palace is the largest cliff dwelling in North America, its structure built by the Ancient […]

via Cliff Palace and the Ancient Pueblo People — A R T L▼R K


A different pueblo, taken by someone close awhile back.

3 thoughts on “December 18th, 1888 Discovery by Richard Wetherill

  1. If you’ve never taken the time to really visit Mesa Verde it is one of the most significant Ancestral Pueblo Cultural Discoveries in the Four Corners Region and virtually all of the West. It’s a bit of a tourist trap nowadays, with people rushing about, up and down the trail, like ants “to see all the sights” – especially on weekends and school holidays – and you can see it in a day if you really, really want to – but you have to rush about all red-faced with all the rest to do it. Take the rarely-beaten path instead. Make sure you give yourself at least two days and TAKE YOUR TIME — so that you can stroll about casually, and enjoy the moment, and discover all the little secrets, and really, really see the hidden beauty — and allow yourself time to respect the magnificence of Nature — and what the Pueblo Ancestors left behind ..


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