Placing Inspiration

Finding the edges???

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Sometimes, I leave notes for myself in places I may one day revisit. Sorta like my own personal fortune cookies. Some are funny, some blunt, others are strange–thought proving–forcing my imagination into high gear. Whatever wisdom they provide, they almost always inspire me in some way. They make me laugh (who doesn’t need that?), ponder the weird, pull me out of a funk, or just make a good day…better.

The one here is my latest find. One of my favorites.

I like to push beyond my comfort-zone–do things differently, or just do something new entirely. There’s adventure beyond known boundaries. Also, the unexpected. I don’t know if I’m an enthusiastic explorer of the unknown, or if I’m just clumsy. Either way, my life requires lots of band-aids. Still, it’s a lot of fun.

The world surprises us with many opportunities for inspiration, but occasionally, it’s up to us to find…

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