The Finder Comes Forward

Forrest Fenn’s Treasure Chest

This may be as close to closure that we searchers will come. For now, anyway.

Click this for story.

I’m happy to hear his story and understand his desire to remain anonymous, but a certain litigant and judge have made that impossible.

FYI. Dal is shutting down his site, The Thrill of the Chase. (A current message from Shiloh today.)

Dal has made Forrest’s Scrapbooks available to anyone who wishes to download them.

And now, let’s let Fenn and his family rest in peace.

66,000 Links North of Santa Fe

2 thoughts on “The Finder Comes Forward

  1. I’ve known the Exact location of Forrest’s Treasure since 2015 .. I solved the second clue in February 2015, on my second day searching, I solved the First Clue in March of 2015, spent 5 days in May traveling back and forth between them, studying everything, [because access to the clues 3 and 4 was blocked from snow, and I spent the remainder of 2015, solving and locating the other 7 clues .. I had located clue 4 and 5 but couldn’t confirm them until I could find 3 and 4 .. once 3 and 4 were found, I spent another 5 days traveling back and forth between 1, 2, 3 and 4 to make sure they perfectly fit the Poem .. then I spent several months locating and confirming 6, 7, and 8 — I located the Treasure Chest in the Fall of 2015 [October/November] but an approaching storm forced me to re-bury it and leave until spring of 2016 — and for 5 years I’ve kept it a secret .. I can take anyone on the Trip, show them all 9 clues and show them the exact spot Bronze Beauty was hidden .. I can tell you the exact meaning of all 9 clues and why Forest chose that spot ..

    In 2010, I secreted a Treasure worth 2 Million Dollars somewhere in Wyoming [a Due East-Due West Line South of YNP Southern Border and South of Devil’s Tower; a Due North-Due South Line West of Iron Mountain, Southern Utah [south of 70; East of Huntington North of 70], Western Colorado [Everything West of I-25], Most Of New Mexico [West of Caprock, West of Ft. Sumner, West Of Tucumcari, West of Des Moines; North of I-10, North of Orogrande, North of Hope, North of Lake Arthur and all of Arizona East of a Due North-South Line running through Baboquivari Peak West of Tucson, East of Phoenix {halfway between Mesa and Apache Junction } and South of the Hopi Off-Reservation Land [Due East-West from Montezuma Castle] .. this Treasure is a 30-year collection of Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper, Turquoise and Precious Jewels found on Hikes and Treasure Hunts in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California, Mexico, Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, West Germany, South Korea, Alaska and Canada between 1979 and 2009 .. I have dozens of clues over the last 10 years scattered all over the Internet, in Maps made by me and in comments left by me, on most of the Treasure Hunting sites and on YouTube .. I secreted the Treasure and left my first clues before I ever knew who Forrest Fenn was or that he had left a Treasure of his own – in basically the same Neighborhood, excluding Utah, Arizona, and Southern New Mexico — the Treasure is yours if you dare to find it – and the Treasure is real .. I have left physical clues out in the Wilderness, scattered throughout the 5 States – these clues point in the correct direction and have Verbal clues {signs} attached ..

    ‘The Hunter’
    Los Treasure Of QueBrada Hartliep

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