Sharing and Caring

Mr. Fenn signing my TTOTC.

Mr. Fenn signing my TTOTC.

I thought I’d pass along news of this effort in case you missed it.

Click here for the original post by Forrest Fenn — Salute to a Warrior.

Click here for Dal’s post regarding a raffle for Renelle’s benefit.

Forrest Fenn has donated one of his cast bronze jars for the prize and filled it with treasures found at San Lazaro pueblo.


2012.07.17-IMG_5034 (Photo credit: martin_kalfatovic)

Suzanne Sommers is flying in on January 7th to draw the prize-winning ticket from his cowboy hat.  That event will be held at Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe.

Heartwarming how the searchers band together in this cold season!

English: Photo of a stone fireplace.

English: Photo of a stone fireplace. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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