The various stages of winter break

Ah, youth.   ♥

Life Without The Lens Cap

It has been over two weeks since I last posted something and every day since has been a great big bundle of stress. But the past is in the past because finals are over, I am home (for the holidays…and 27 glorious days) and ready to do basically everything I couldn’t do at school, including:

  1. sleep for extended periods of time
  2. spend countless hours on Facebook, Twitter, Buzzfeed, etc. (jk when do I not do that?)
  3. do Christmasy/wintery things with my friends
  4. eat anything homemade and/or freshly cooked/baked/fried
  5. watch every Christmas movie in existence (speaking of which, check out my favorites if you haven’t already)

And the list could go on forever. Today I decided to focus on the stages many college students such as myself go through from the moment we finish our last final all the way up to the dreaded (or maybe by that point, much needed)…

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