Tribute and Tributary

Champagne Glow

Champagne Glow (Photo credit: pepemczolz)

A toast to Dal Neitzel —   his blog, Thrill of the Chase, recently passed the 2 millionth mark!  Beginner and seasoned searchers go there for the latest and the most useful information on the hunt for Forrest Fenn’s hidden treasure chest.  Thank you.

Dal just added a great story, The Shaft, about one of his excursions last fall that involved a real life character named Harley.  Kind of a LOL, edge of your seat story.  I also think much could be made of the findings, but maybe that’s just my imagination on the run again.

This puts my stats in perspective.  I was so tickled to have passed 250 followers and twenty thousand-some views a couple months ago.  It pales in comparison, but I’m not in competition.  This site is just a feeder stream to the rivers of info on Forrest’s and Dal’s websites.


IMG_0285Okay.  Maybe it’s just a trickle, but it leads readers to more information about the man who wrote the poem with 9 clues


Mr. Fenn signing my TTOTC.

Forrest Fenn signing my copy of The Thrill of the Chase


and his books with hints, the man who hid a treasure trove of gold nuggets, coins and jewels, and the story of his life.

Snow is melting.  Fevers are rising.  Time to get the camping gear ready.

Chugwater Sheep Wagon

Chugwater Shepherd Wagon

Now just where does that warm water halt???

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