Warning from Forrest about a Fraudulent FB Page

I’m sharing a warning that Forrest Fenn had posted on Dal’s site regarding a fraudulent Facebook page supposedly by Forrest Fenn. (There is a legitimate FB page which you can connect with via his blog, Old Santa Fe Trading Co.com.)

Here’s the warning I copied to share:

A fraudulent Facebook page popped up in the past week. The owner makes it look like Forrest is the owner. But he is not. Forrest asked me to announce that the page is bogus..
If you have any way to let folks know the page is not owned by Forrest, please go for it.
The fraudulent Facebook page is here:

This site asks you to “check” your clues by emailing them.

I don’t think so, Buster.

(I thought the Fraudster might have taken it down, but, no, it’s still out there.)

4 thoughts on “Warning from Forrest about a Fraudulent FB Page

  1. ..I’m not sharing any info…..if I have a question, I ask forrest directly…I’m just gonna walk right up to it and snatch it!

      • Ha! i am always confident I solved it..yes…. Until I stand scratching my head…huh? Where’s da box?
        But, I will continue to study and look, finding daily treasures.
        My story ” The Chroma” will be out soon.
        The chest is found in my fiction. Yippeee imagination rocks….

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