Latest Interview with Forrest Fenn

Here’s a link to the latest interview with Forrest Fenn.

It’s great to see Forrest and Dal and Cynthia again.




4 thoughts on “Latest Interview with Forrest Fenn

  1. Forrest Fenn’s Bronze Beauty Treasure might be in Yellowstone – but it’s not in Yellowstone Park ..

    Forrest gives clues to where Bronze Beauty is hidden – but he doesn’t talk about the spot – he gets close – but it’s not at any place where he has talked about ..

    But there is a single, obscure clue that puts you within 45 miles of the blaze ..

    And as far as I can tell publicly no one else has deciphered the clue – I could be wrong – Nature knows I’ve been wrong in the passed – but I’ve not seen one single comment that even remotely identifies the obscura in question ..

    You’re wasting your efforts in Yellowstone ..

    B ..

  2. Sure the one clue that will take a person to within forty five miles, that has to be number one, WWWH, we all know if we nail that we’re close, closer than 45 miles.
    I’ve been to New Mexico a couple of times and I think the natural warm water springs up in Jemez Mtns. Was and possibly is the spot. Not only because it literally is WWWH but think about it I know if I was going to go out to Mother Nature to die I would like to have those hot pools to relax, kick back and sooth the aches and pains. Enjoy your self, be SAFE!

      • You are so right in your thought along with over 1 million others, maybe more… It’s having the right thoughts in the precise order now there’s a thought for you . Me I have only one opinion and that is Forrest is the man with a plan and executed it perfectly. I hope it’s found before he leaves the building so to speak. If the treasure is where I think it is so I can shut myself up from this madness…. Lol If not oh well new plan of attack.

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