Latest Interview with Forrest Fenn

Here’s a link to the latest interview with Forrest Fenn.

It’s great to see Forrest and Dal and Cynthia again.




One thought on “Latest Interview with Forrest Fenn

  1. Forrest Fenn’s Bronze Beauty Treasure might be in Yellowstone – but it’s not in Yellowstone Park ..

    Forrest gives clues to where Bronze Beauty is hidden – but he doesn’t talk about the spot – he gets close – but it’s not at any place where he has talked about ..

    But there is a single, obscure clue that puts you within 45 miles of the blaze ..

    And as far as I can tell publicly no one else has deciphered the clue – I could be wrong – Nature knows I’ve been wrong in the passed – but I’ve not seen one single comment that even remotely identifies the obscura in question ..

    You’re wasting your efforts in Yellowstone ..

    B ..

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