“If Robert Redford had ever written anything….” Forrest Fenn

Robert Redford in 2009.

Robert Redford in 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)                   ( Sorry I missed this event.  I love Madison.)

When I returned my armload of TheThrill of the Chase-related library books yesterday, I thought I’d check the history section again.  It’s about 4 1/2 feet long, but has had an amazing amount of titles I could use in the chase.

After a minor delay (they’d rearranged their shelves), I found 5 more books to check out that I hadn’t seen before.  I suspect someone else in this county is also on the TOTC hunt and had just returned them.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when they landed on a young Robert Redford.  Serendipity strikes again. Important Literature.   I won’t mention the title, but it was sub-titled A Journey Through Time.  Does that not resonate, fellow Fennsters?

The book is full of photos of a trip on horseback that Redford took in the Rocky Mountains (more than 300 miles west of Toledo) and some fascinating anecdotes, historical and otherwise.

English: U.S. Postage: Lewis and Clark Expedit...

English: U.S. Postage: Lewis and Clark Expedition, 1954 Issue-3c. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Currently, I’m thumbing through a book, a 1979 publication by the National Geographic Society, and taking copious notes.  And then there’s one on Lewis and Clark.

Another of the books on that same history shelf  is on fly fishing.  I should probably study that before I head west.

My husband/fiance/boyfriend at the time tried to teach me how to fly fish.

Putting In

Putting In

One of the problems was that we were in a canoe on a lake in Wisconsin.  (A friend dubbed the plastic orange-ish Coleman “a barge with points.”  It did have stability in its favor.)

We’ve since bought fly rods.  I’ve got waders, needed for another purpose.  I picked up an assortment of flies.  I watched my Dad fly fish.  Am I ready for a chalk stream in the Rockies?  I just hope no one will be video-taping.