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Thanks to Toby for this video of the Fenn and Preston chat before the book signing:



The following are my opinions. I have, on more than one occasion, said and written that the event on May 18, 2017 caused a change in Fenn. He was already tired of the “activity” around the effort to find the treasure he hid. May 18, to me, was the straw that broke the burro’s back. […]

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Discovering a real Jurassic Park

What a cool opportunity!

highland hind

P1080035A ranch. Somewhere high in north-western Montana. We’re fly fishing in the baking heat, casting for trout, listening to the trickle of clear spring creeks and glimpsing sleek, fast-moving shapes in the shadows.

It should be relaxing, but I’m distracted. I discovered in a chance conversation with the rancher’s wife earlier in the morning that at least two dinosaurs are entombed in rock on their land and she promised a ride to where the university volunteers are digging – and spending the long scorching summer.

“Yeah, they’re all living up there in the rocks, right beside the rattlers,” said the woman with a  real life Jurassic Park on her land. “Someone flew over the ranch in a hang glider years ago and discovered the site and they’ve been working on it on and off ever since.”

The Jeep bounced, rattled and shuddered its way over a track more suited to cowboys…

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A Master of Education

The Ties That Bind --- Iowa City

The Ties That Bind —
Iowa City

Cover of "Journal of a Trapper: A Hunter'...

Cover via Amazon

It’s ironic, isn’t it, that Forrest Fenn has probably taught more children, and adults, than his father, whose life’s work was education?

In spite of any disadvantages to being the son of the school principal, a key bonus was the three month summer recess that the Fenns spent in Yellowstone.

The annual 1,600 mile journey included a 50-mile side trip to a one-room school house on a dirt road in Wyoming to see an inscription:

He Who Teaches a Child Labors with God in His Workshop.


Forrest began his self-education as a youth.  After reading  Journal of a Trapper by Osborne Russell at age 16,  he set out on horseback to retrace/reenact part of the experience.    (See “Looking for Lewis and Clark”,  p. 59 of The Thrill of the Chase {TTOTC}.)

Yellowstone Lake

Yellowstone Lake

He began his teaching career even younger, guiding grown fishermen around the rivers and lakes in Yellowstone country when he was “a young teen.”

College vs experience —

 “Who would you rather have working on your car, a man who just graduated from four years of mechanics school or a guy who has been working on broken cars for four years?”

Marvin Fenn, p.7 of The Thrill of the Chase.

Does Forrest still, at almost 84 years of age, regret not having a college degree?

“I still think about education sometimes, especially now that it’s too late to get any.”  p. 9 of TTOTC

(Not entirely true.  Every June, another septa-, or octa-, or nonagenarian is in the news in cap and gown receiving their long-desired diploma.  But I suspect Forrest would {still} be utterly bored sitting in a classroom where he’s smarter than anyone else in there, including the instructor.  If you doubt his scholarship, check out his expert knowledge on pottery, pueblos, geology, history . . . .you get the idea.)

After his time as a fighter pilot —

Instead of all of those medals, I wish I could have been given a college degree in survival or at least an honorable mention for just having lasted it out.”  

“My War For Me”  begins on p. 73 in TTOTC

            —  he served by teaching others to fly.  When he left the Air Force and began an art gallery in Santa Fe, his  knowledge sharing continued.

Bronze Moose

Bronze Moose Why is it cold?

 Read about school visits in  the chapter “Teachers with Ropes”, p. 109 of TTOTC, and smile.

Imagine signs that say “Please Touch.”


After the Gallery was sold, and he began serious investigation of his San Lazaro pueblo, he continued to share, to teach, giving underprivileged (I’ve forgotten his term) teens archaeological experiences at the site.

A Fechin

A Fechin

On Dal’s blog, Thrill of the Chase,  if you click on  Forrest Speaks, you can watch a video, How to Be an Artist, his recipe for success for a watercolorist in need of money.  Sound knowledge, freely shared.

Another fun video there is Woolly Worm, where he patiently teaches how to tie a fishing fly.  (He makes it look easy.)

I doubt that we’ll ever know the full extent of his generosity of time and talents.  You know, don’t let your right hand know what your left is doing.


But, Forrest Fenn has gotten more kids and grownups off the couch and out in the woods, searching and researching any and every little bit that could, just maybe, somehow, with imagination, might possibly help solve one of his nine clues.

Cody Rainbow

Cody Rainbow

And not just for the gold in the chest at the end of his rainbow….



Hackles and Cackles

The greenest Badlands I ever saw

The greenest Badlands I ever saw

It’s been a little quiet on the western front.  Maybe the searchers have boots on the ground.  Only so many weeks before the snow flies again. . . .

Color Plate A from Favorite Flies and Their Hi...

Color Plate A from Favorite Flies and Their Histories – Mary Orvis Marbury, 1892 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, until the next Today Show clue from Forrest Fenn, you might want to visit Dal’s blog and see the latest video interviews he did with Mr. Fenn.  There are several under the heading “Gone Fishing”.

They are not all related to the sport, but I especially enjoyed watching Forrest tie a Woolly Worm.  He made it look easy.

I have, rather, will have, some of the raw materials, when this guy and his cousins grow up.

Junior Hackles

Junior Hackles

I’m just not sure how (or IF) it’s going to go from A to B, so to speak.

Chasing Idaho

The Fisherman

The Fisherman


Not a long post.  Just wanted to mention the 2 new pages on this site:  Flywater, filed under The Book, and Idaho, filed under The Diagrams.    (A great and future destination.)IMG_0028

Okay.  I have mixed feelings about crossing Idaho off my top three TTOTC list, but that’s okay.

Raspberry Trove

Raspberry Trove

There’s so much to be done.

Count all the bees in the hive.

Pick another batch of berries.


Pit the cherries.IMG_0091

“If Robert Redford had ever written anything….” Forrest Fenn

Robert Redford in 2009.

Robert Redford in 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)                   ( Sorry I missed this event.  I love Madison.)

When I returned my armload of TheThrill of the Chase-related library books yesterday, I thought I’d check the history section again.  It’s about 4 1/2 feet long, but has had an amazing amount of titles I could use in the chase.

After a minor delay (they’d rearranged their shelves), I found 5 more books to check out that I hadn’t seen before.  I suspect someone else in this county is also on the TOTC hunt and had just returned them.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when they landed on a young Robert Redford.  Serendipity strikes again. Important Literature.   I won’t mention the title, but it was sub-titled A Journey Through Time.  Does that not resonate, fellow Fennsters?

The book is full of photos of a trip on horseback that Redford took in the Rocky Mountains (more than 300 miles west of Toledo) and some fascinating anecdotes, historical and otherwise.

English: U.S. Postage: Lewis and Clark Expedit...

English: U.S. Postage: Lewis and Clark Expedition, 1954 Issue-3c. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Currently, I’m thumbing through a book, a 1979 publication by the National Geographic Society, and taking copious notes.  And then there’s one on Lewis and Clark.

Another of the books on that same history shelf  is on fly fishing.  I should probably study that before I head west.

My husband/fiance/boyfriend at the time tried to teach me how to fly fish.

Putting In

Putting In

One of the problems was that we were in a canoe on a lake in Wisconsin.  (A friend dubbed the plastic orange-ish Coleman “a barge with points.”  It did have stability in its favor.)

We’ve since bought fly rods.  I’ve got waders, needed for another purpose.  I picked up an assortment of flies.  I watched my Dad fly fish.  Am I ready for a chalk stream in the Rockies?  I just hope no one will be video-taping.