Hackles and Cackles

The greenest Badlands I ever saw

The greenest Badlands I ever saw

It’s been a little quiet on the western front.  Maybe the searchers have boots on the ground.  Only so many weeks before the snow flies again. . . .

Color Plate A from Favorite Flies and Their Hi...

Color Plate A from Favorite Flies and Their Histories – Mary Orvis Marbury, 1892 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, until the next Today Show clue from Forrest Fenn, you might want to visit Dal’s blog and see the latest video interviews he did with Mr. Fenn.  There are several under the heading “Gone Fishing”.

They are not all related to the sport, but I especially enjoyed watching Forrest tie a Woolly Worm.  He made it look easy.

I have, rather, will have, some of the raw materials, when this guy and his cousins grow up.

Junior Hackles

Junior Hackles

I’m just not sure how (or IF) it’s going to go from A to B, so to speak.

New Clue –Forrest Fenn on NBC Today Show

“The treasure is not hidden in Idaho or Utah.”—–Forrest Fenn

English: Clearwater River near Orofino, Idaho

English: Clearwater River near Orofino, Idaho (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s the link:


Well.  That narrows it down by 168,469 square miles.  I can cross one trip off my list and write about where I was going to look.

Darn.  It looked like a lot of fun.  Wait.  Maybe I’ll still go down that canyon. . . .

Today Show Clue Delayed

Hard to corral . . .

Hard to corral . . .

Forrest Fenn has notified Dal   that the Today Show clue won’t be given until Friday morning, about 0505.  (Click on Thrill of the Chase  blog for the full message.)

I’d guess that’s Mountain Time zone.

Looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, back to my new decoder ring.  ; )

(Re–(Updated) Clues Blues

Forrest Fenn's Treasure Chest

Forrest Fenn’s Treasure Ches

{Now scheduled for Friday, June 28th at 0505 Fenn Time}

For those of you not familiar with the Chase,  Forrest Fenn has been giving out one new clue a month on the Today Show.  It was scheduled for June 17th but got postponed.  Not for the first time.  Last month they made him get up at 3 something in the morning two days in a row.  “Truck trouble,” they claimed.  (Although I suspect the crew was out searching for the treasure on the extra day.)  It’s now scheduled for June 27th (Not the 28th)according to Stephanie (What’s A Blaze) at Chasechat.

So far the clues have been:

  • helpful.  Like don’t dig up old outhouses (people apparently thought that’s what “putting in below the home of Brown” meant.  Not what came to my mind.
  • common sense.  Like, don’t dig up a cemetery.  Again, not something that crossed my mind.
  • vague/general.  Like, it’s above 5000 feet.  Not a surprise since he said it was in the Rocky Mountains.

Rocky Mountains from a height.

Actually, I  don’t mind the generality of the extra hints. I don’t want to hear that it’s been found already.  I still plan to head West as soon as we get the chance.  I say we.  I’m waiting on my husband to clear his schedule.  He’s mildly amused by my new hobby.  Also, I haven’t exactly figured out the poem yet….

Forrest Fenn says all one needs is the poem, which is in the book.

Meanwhile, enjoy the Thrill of the Chase as you search/seek/solve/obsess …..